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Bessie Choli Dress “Saaidi”


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(((drumroll please!!))) Welcome the Choli Dress!!

Kathleen and Carolena have put their heads together to create a brand new garment for ATS® dancers. The Choli Dress is literally a choli sewn inside an open-backed dress. The choli hugs your curves while the dress floats gracefully over your curves.  With cap sleeves and side slits the famous Bessie buttons and loops allow 4 levels of customization:

  1. Let the back panels float open.
  2. Button the back panels to hug the ribcage, creating a flattering shape over shoulders and torso.
  3. Button the tails of the dress to close the back.
  4. Unbutton the ribcage for a looser fit and button the tails to close the back.

Sizing for the Choli Dress
Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes correspond to Flying Skirts sizing for The Easy Fit cotton/Lyra choil.
2X and 3X sizes have been designed to the relative proportions of the S-XL sizing.
For a great resource on choli sizing, please visit the Flying Skirts website.

Let us know how it fits! We didn’t venture past DD in the chart below, but that doesn’t mean it won’t accommodate E, F, G and all of their unique variations. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at  We are interested and want to hear from you.

Saaidi Cholie Dress Sizing Chart

Small 6-12 4-8
Medium 14-16 10-14 6-12
Large 16-20 14-20 12-16
X-Large 22-24 18-24 16-22
2-XL 24-26 20-22 18-20
3-XL 26-28 22-24 20-22

Fabric: choli is medium-weight Cotton/Spandex, dress is a lightweight Rayon/Spandex. Hand wash, line dry or dry clean.

View the Choli dress tutorial:

Check out the Choli dress in action with Carolena and Megha:

The video was filmed by Czigany Dance.
Song: Heeme by Etran Finitawa

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs

X-Small, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large


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